Cleansing Your Body While Losing Weight

detox water

People practice the art of detoxification to eliminate impurities in the body that contribute to its below optimal state. While many individuals detox to feel better, detoxing can also be an avenue to lose a few pounds and then some. How is this done?

Losing weight via detox happens because detoxing flushes out impurities; unwanted elements found in the digestive tract that contribute to unhealthy minds and bodies. These can be remnants of a poor diet, especially as meat can take longer to digest than produce, and may leave some trace particles behind. Detoxing basically pushes out the bad stuff so that the body is not left to absorb the materials that emanate from these trace particles. Now, weight loss occurs when a body is cleansed because the digestive tract is returned to its most natural state; it is very much like a car stripped away of dirt and grime, had an oil change, and is buffed to a showroom state. Because of that detox, the car drives better, looks better, doesn’t make weird sounds, and does not emit pollution.

A detox plan typically looks like this: Drink, Rest, Chew, Empty.

Drink: Start off your day with a drink of water; even better if you let a lemon wedge marinate in that water. Lemon water is refreshing, and it activates the senses. It is also fiber-full and will help your engine warm up properly and get going for your day.

Rest: Ward of the stresses and don’t let them win. Resting every so often lets the body return to a constant state of equilibrium. Resting entails breathing in deeply and being in a state of calm. This equilibrium is vital for the body’s self-regulation, letting your systems act and react crisply to its environment. Take 5; it might be the best thing you do all day.

Chew: Chew and savor your food; quit the fast food lifestyle many people on the go have adopted. Chewing slowly lets you enjoy every ingredient and cooking technique; it also allows the brain to register fullness at the right time. You actually get full before your brain recognizes it, and chewing slowly lets the brain catch up and tell you when to stop.

Empty: Empty your mind. Have a 10-minute meditation sesh and your body will thank you for it. Meditation leaves the mind more aware of the body and its surroundings. This also increases blood flow throughout the body, ensuring all systems are well-fed with oxygen-rich blood, thus raising metabolism and making digestion all the more smoother.

The basic message of detoxing is loving oneself; this is the same image one strives for in a weight loss journey. Loving yourself means giving yourself the best: food, surroundings, environment. Start loving yourself today.