The popularity of weight loss diets has captivated our society in such a way that you can’t spend a day without being bombarded with slogans and advertisements on the ‘newly discovered weight loss diet that is sweeping the nation’ or a pop-up advertisement on a weight loss diet guaranteed to make you shed pounds in just two days (or was it weeks?). It comes to a point that we pay so much attention to trends and fads that we end up following them to the letter, even though there are clear signs of our body rejecting that diet. We get so caught up in the hype that we tend to lose ourselves in the weight loss diet to the point of rejecting scientifically-backed facts on how to lose weight.


Take metabolism, for example. Simply put, metabolism is the process wherein our body processes or burns the food we eat in order to create the energy we need to live. Boosting your metabolism, therefore, is a surefire way to promote weight loss. Scientific advances have provided us with a breakdown on what we can eat to boost metabolism. You don’t necessarily need to comply with your diet down to the last grain of brown rice. Here’s a list of foods that you can add to your existing weight loss plan to complement and increase its effectivity:


The king of metabolism-boosting foods, increasing the amount of protein in our body is already an active step to losing weight. When stacked against an equal amount of body fat, protein is harder to burn. This makes us expend more energy to digest it – even when we’re doing nothing at all! – compared to body fat. Aside from that, adding protein to our diet leads to satiety and a general feeling of fullness in between meals.


Though it has a bad reputation of being the go-to food of starving models and weight-conscious women all around the world, yogurt is actually not that bad. It’s a great dessert or snack alternative if you compare it to the processed sweets and munchies that literally surround us every single day. It is also a great way to introduce ‘good’ bacteria into the body because of how it is specifically made.


Yet another victim of a bad reputation in health and fitness circles, caffeine can actually help you burn through more of your food. Granted, moderation must be maintained in downing your coffee as well as discipline in holding back on the cream and sugar. But done right, caffeine consumption elevates your heart rate and ultimately ramps up metabolism by putting our engine into overdrive.


Now this goes without saying. Hydrating yourself is a basic cornerstone of proper and well-balanced diet. Take this one step further by drinking cold water instead of room temperature water in order to put a slight edge in terms of calorie burning.

Final Thoughts:

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