Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail[the-post-grid id=”324″ title=”Health”]Our modern generation today offers a lot of things to make our daily lives easier, from high-tech gadgets to newborn fashion trends to the most modern way of communicating. But for the most of us, especially women, the best kind of technology that they can receive is the fastest way to slim down or the healthiest diet they can try in order to lose weight. One of those diet programs is the Venus Factor.


The Venus Factor is a weight loss program that addresses each individual’s needs especially among women. A woman should take into consideration have a number of factors in determining her nutritional needs and in creating her nutritional plan. These factors are her body type, fitness level, weight, age, and height. The program also includes a manual or guidance for the foods you will eat each day which includes your meal plans. The difference of the Venus Factor from other diet programs is that it targets your body be used to a maintenance amount of calories or to maintain your weight.

The Venus Factor is designed to work with a woman’s hormones, which is very different from men’s. It gives someone a high energy level, no cravings for “forbidden” foods, no weight loss plateaus, and a boosted metabolism.

Similar to diets, working out is a part of the Venus Program. Videos are provided to help a woman learn how to do the workouts properly. Not only your muscles will become toned but your cardiovascular system will benefit from the exercises too.

Now some of those who tried the program loved it because unlike other weight loss program, the Venus Factor have flexibility in terms of your diet that means you can still enjoy the foods you want to eat which makes the Venus Factor sustainable. And for a diet program that is very rare.

The most important thing about the program, according to those who already tried it, is that it affects your lifestyle. The Venus Factor encourages women to make the program a part of their life so that they can sustain their weight loss ideal and lose weight.