Atkins Diet

A long-standing and often controversial diet plan, the Atkins Diet has its shares of proponents and naysayers. In essence, it is a diet plan that shuns carbohydrates in lieu of saturated fat and is split into four phases. The theory behind this is that the presence of fewer carbohydrates in the human body, the more body fat is burned for fuel. Thus, this results in weight loss despite the consumption of more calories and an overall steady level of energy throughout the day.

Paleo Diet

Considered as one of the more alternative diet plans, the Paleo diet gets its name from the fact that practitioners can only consume food that our ‘caveman’ ancestors did during the Paleolethic period. It is quite restrictive in nature and promotes the intake of food in their most natural state. A majority of the Paleo Diet includes red meat, which increases iron intake and promotes muscle repair. For a more in-depth discussion, you can check this out here.


Biggest Loser Diet

Inspired by the famous TV show of the same name, the Biggest Loser Diet comes in many shapes and sizes, from seven-day programs to a full-blown month complete with recipes and work outs. The basic premise remains the same: eat less, move more. The diet is not that restrictive for something that boasts results that have been seen on national television. Portioning and recommended exercise requires medium effort and the ‘proof’ of it working is a definite plus to morale.

Venus Factor Program

More than just a diet, the Venus Factor is the most thorough and complete program designed especially for women. Created by fitness expert John Barban, the Venus Factor is a program that lasts 12 weeks but has repercussions exponentially longer than that. It is a body transformation program that will also give you a lifestyle mindset few other programs can match. Despite being relatively new, it has been welcomed with a flood of positive reviews and recommendations.

Final Thoughts

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