best-workout-routines-for-menHere is one of the best workout routines for men that can be done when you are in a gym. This type of workout routine is very simple and easy to follow and can be done three to four times weekly depending on the available schedule of the person. To do the workout routine effectively, one should prepare properly first like doing the proper warm-ups and exercises to avoid injuries, and other joint and muscle problems.
Ideal workout preparations and warm-ups would be cardiovascular activities like treadmill jogging for five to ten minutes and then followed by some stretching exercises for the body. Remember that this workout routine is done in a gym therefore proper guidance is needed from fitness trainers if not familiar with the type of workouts and the type of equipment needed for the workout to ensure safety and avoid injuries.
Day 1 – Chest and Abdomen Training
* For the chest improvement, you can try the Decline Close-Grip Bench Press and Cable Chest Press.
* For the abdomen, try Abdominal Reverse Curl, Bicycle Kick, Barbell, Inclined Reverse Crunch, Standing Oblique Crunch and Swiss Ball Oblique Crunch.
Day 2 – Shoulders and Arms Training
* For the shoulders, try Bar Military Press, Cable Rear and Side Lateral Raise and Machine Shoulder Press.
* For the Biceps, ideal workouts would be Standing Biceps Curl and Dumbbell Biceps Curl.
* And Seated Triceps Extension for the Triceps.
Day 3 – Muscle Back Improvement
* Lat Pull Down and Cable Seated Low Row.
Day 4 – Leg Strengthening
* Machine Leg Press, Dead Lift and Machine Leg Curl.
You can try different combination of these workouts to form the best workout routine depending on the advice and recommendation of your fitness trainer that would be more appropriate and suitable for you.